Procreate and Spoonflower Tips

You will find various tips on how to create amazing art with Procreate and leverage the Spoonflower.com site to share with the world!

I’m a new digital creator and I will share my journey with you!


Part of a family

A small blog post to share how awesome we feel when someone select, among all millions of patterns existing on the web, one of MY pattern. It’s a sentiment hard to describe. It’s even more difficult to elaborate on…

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The violin 🎻

I did, during October, a digital painting of a violin – then I created a collection named « Music ». This is one of my favorite collection. You can take a look here. I love the final result and…

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Designing Tea Towels

Tea towels and hanging walls will require some planning: for the size and orientation. Instructions from Spoonflower are here. It’s very well explained but below, you will find some quick tips related to Procreate specifically! This hanging wall was…

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