Procreate – Highlights with the pen

This is my new favorite thing: using the color effects but with the pencil (not applying to the full design). I will explain with a quick example! Let’s say I want to provide a new color for my “China Ink Flowers” collection (that you can find here).

In this first example – I did apply a color variation to the full pattern. But we can do something cooler!

For some (many…) patterns, I will apply the color variation (using the magic wand) to the full layer and change the background. Result will be good (like the picture above) BUT you can play a little bit more with the wand feature to “paint” with a brush this variation!

Here are the steps:

You select the layer you want to modify, and the wand tool. In this example I will play with the Saturation and Hue.
At the top, you can select the option (combobox) and select “Pencil”

The pencil will allow you to apply the effect with… the pencil! Not the whole layer will change.

Select the brush (you can select, as an example, the Paint / Gouache for a cool degradation or many other cool 😎 brushes… In this example, I will use Artistic / Hartz. I always use the default brush of Procreate, I just find them amazing (I will tweak them sometimes)

Once you have the brush selected – play with the Hue, Saturation and/or the brightness and try it! When you have effects you wanted, you can apply (click one finger on the void to see the menu)

The effects applied when I paint 🎨
If you touch the blank space with one finger, menu “Apply” will appear – very useful to restart a new sequence of changes!

Hope you will enjoy this trick – it’s very useful for recolonization of certain areas that you find too dark or adjust certain areas of your pattern! Enjoy!

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