Designing Tea Towels

Tea towels and hanging walls will require some planning: for the size and orientation. Instructions from Spoonflower are here. It’s very well explained but below, you will find some quick tips related to Procreate specifically!

This hanging wall was done as an entry for a weekly challenge – shoes can be free! Link here.

Some tips with Procreate

First, make sure to create your Canvas with the good size (based on Spoonflower instructions in the link I provided above). I always create my canvas using inches (and this time, you need to set to 150dpi).

In your new document: create a layer and, with the tool menu (option located top left), add reference lines (you can set them in inches). You will be able to draw your own guidelines for the margins. Hide and show this layer as you need to verify if you are drawing inside the margins.

Finally, when your design is ready, you can rotate it (in procreate, with your fingers, turn it on the side). You orient it horizontally, the top of the design on your left. Then you save (in PNG). The image will be saved keeping this orientation.

When you will upload to Spoonflower, don’t forget the tag sfrotate – this will make the trick and keep the good orientation for your hanging wall! This tag will also eliminate the other products (preview) in your home decor section.

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