Part of a family

A small blog post to share how awesome we feel when someone select, among all millions of patterns existing on the web, one of MY pattern. It’s a sentiment hard to describe. It’s even more difficult to elaborate on how touching is to see the family where our pattern is landing.

Few weeks ago, at the end of September, someone did comment one of my post on Instagram. It was a tractor – that I painted because my husband dared me. I made it for fun and was not expecting to sell it, really.

This was a painting of a Massey Ferguson 1961 – a tractor we bought together, my husband and I, in 2011. Our first transaction ever (I met him in July 2011). We bought this tractor in September 2011 for fun… We live in a small town near Montreal. I had a house with a small backyard (not a field, not at all… barely the place to put a tractor honestly…). But it was just… for fun!

We got married in 2012 – and in 2022, he dared me to do a tractor pattern; why not?

So, it was around September and I was doing a hilarious post around how my husband dared me to paint a tractor. And someone immediately comment on it! It was Erika (Custom Totes By Erika)

We got in contact through facebook and I quickly realized that the tractor she was talking about was in fact a brand from another year! So I got my brushes cleaned (I’m joking of course, I’m using Procreate… dhuuuu!) and I draw the exact same model she was talking about, based on pictures she sent me. A MF 265.

Both tractors are in this collection.

It was a blast to see this pattern being used for a tote (she is creating amazing stuff – love to follow her instagram!) Here.

She did amazing with my art and it’s so satisfying to see a digital painting getting a new home! Remember to keep creating and having fun – it’s the most important thing. Enjoy every little moments of glory!

Our old tractor – the source of my first pattern!
The picture sent by Erika – the source of the final pattern.
Look on how is awesome this bag!

One response to “Part of a family”

  1. Wow! Luv how you met your husband over a tractor as well! Great story. Great blog. Thank you and let’s keep creating.


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