The violin 🎻

I did, during October, a digital painting of a violin – then I created a collection named « Music ». This is one of my favorite collection. You can take a look here.

I love the final result and the mix with a piano keyboard was gorgeous (my opinion of course – I’m not a pro). See below the Procreate brushes I used (default brushes provided with the tool) and steps I took for the different types of patterns.

I really enjoyed creating this collection- and I’m looking for adding new instruments eventually! If you need a specific size or color, you can contact me on Spoonflower here.

Violin – Steps

First, I used the Inking set with the Syrup brush – one of my favorite (the size will allow to fill quickly an area using different shades along the way). I used the Smudge tool with the Paint / Gouache to create the transitions between light and shadow. The final touches of shadows and light reflections were added with the Airbrushing/ Soft Brush. For this finition step, I will usually put my layer locked (Alpha Lock) and reduce the opacity of the brush (around 20%). The strings and details were made with the Inking / Technical Pen.

Integrating the piano keys

I used the Inking / Technical Pen and, with one of the sample, I played with the tools offered in the selection to warp some notes (I like the warp option Advance Mesh – I use it to move separately the nodes I want).

The black background makes the violin to popup and give a cool realistic effect and an elegant feeling. View the products page here. The medium (larger) version of this fabric is also available here.

Different repeats were created with the regular keyboard 🎹 in the background and the rounded one as well (as displayed here). Collection will show all of them here.

A Damask – with elegant silver motifs was also drafted. Another green / autumnal background is also available here.

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