Free Activations: Rescale Requests Template

Spoonflower is offering a free activation for your patterns when it’s a different size of a pattern you already activated (proof printed) in the past. The process is well explained here – but it can be painful to provide manually all information they request… I have 2 things for you: a small template that will allow you to fill the request faster but also a trick on how to keep track of everything proofed vs not proofed (to easily select and find what is to do).

The Template!

I made a small template to make your life easier. You will find the file here. It’s in Excel – once a week (it’s the maximum of IDs you can activate weekly…) you can:

a. Duplicate the Tab (so you keep the original tab, always)

b. Fill the names and type the IDs (I will usually fill the IDs to activate, then find the corresponding twin already activated)

c. Copy and paste the text (the web addresses will be filled by the template) – you just have to select the green cells and copy (CTRL-C) – then paste in a text file (i.e. Notepad) with CTRL-V. You attach this file (.txt) in the request you will send BUT you need to paste the text in the message as well.

Only 2 columns to fill

My process – How to keep track?

First, I will make sure to name my pattern with the size in the name – i.e. [Small] at the beginning. It’s not only useful for your customers but for you. I will do this for Small, Medium and Large usually.

Then I will work by collection: patterns to activate next (regular “fill a yard” activation) will be assigned to a collection named “Coming Soon” and I will usually select all “Medium” patterns.

All “Small” and “Large” copies will be assigned to a collection named “Rework-InProgress”, a private collection!

When your Medium patterns will be on Sale – you can select, in your collection “Rework-InProgress”, all rescale patterns you want to activate in a special request, for free!

To make this request – you can fill the Template and in the Help Center of Spoonflower, with the option “Send us a message”. You attach the text file!

Some additional tips:

  • Put the date in your request title
  • Add a reminder weekly if you have many patterns to activate (10 per week max)
  • You can prepare your files in advance and save the txt with the date
  • Important: when your patterns are activated by Spoonflower, you NEED to update them, one by one, to check the boxes for fabric and wallpaper sale (bottom right section when you edit your design)

Hope this tips was useful – 500 patterns activated this way is 500$ saved or more!

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